Maybe out by December?

Progress continues. I have a couple of good candidates for the cover of the book. I’ll be sharing soon. Doing my second read through of the book, this time though I’m having software read it aloud to me. It’s caught some typos so far.

My goal is to have the thing in Amazon in December. But I won’t release it until I’m happy with it.

We’ve been playing Dr Mario World on Android recently. It’s good fun, especially in versus mode. One thing that was pointed out to me though is that Toad isn’t a doctor.

Wait, what?

I’m was pretty sure Toad is a doctor in the game, so I said so.

No. Toad is a mushroom.

A week or two later, I was told that Toad actually is a doctor. She got her Toad to level 2 and his special treatment is useful, so now he’s been acknowledged as being an actual doctor.

So there you go. In case you were wondering.

If you haven’t been stranded on an island without internet access, then you know that we’ve elected a new president.

On election night I actually felt the same sinking feeling I had back in 2016. Then Biden came out and told everyone not to worry. We’re in good shape. The relief I felt was real. Then the following days came and I felt better and better as the votes continued to be tallied.

Regardless of where you stand on policy and what not, I think Biden is a better human than Trump. But what we shouldn’t forget though is that a little less than half the country thinks Trump represents their best interests. I find this very disturbing.

When I was in Spain a few years ago, I went on a tour with another American couple. Somehow the conversation was steered towards the newly elected president Trump. The guy I talked to shrugged and said, “He’s just the president. What could he do in four years?”

And boy did we find out. I wonder what that guy would say now?

But for you people out there who see conspiracy at every turn? Ever heard the saying, take it with a grain of salt? You should get a Costco sized box of salt, load it into a shotgun and shoot clouds of salt on everything coming out of the White House.

Times are stressful people. People tend to vote if things are bad. Twenty years ago? Only old people voted pretty much. Because things were normal and normal is good. And when things are good, people don’t feel like they need to participate in the election process.

I started voting a long time ago after making a promise to myself to vote in the most informed way possible. And not just getting some voter card in the mail and doing what it says either. Voting to me feels like homework. And after trying to learn about each proposition and what I think it means, I then make my selections and am relieved when it’s finished.

But anyway, enough about that. I’m sure by now people are sick of politics. I didn’t follow it much either until last year.

Sequel is getting closer to being finished with each passing day. It’s getting close!

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