Buried Instincts: The Zombie Apocalypse

The Beginning of the End!

The zombie apocalypse has started! This is the action packed tale of one man’s journey to find sanctuary in a world where civilization has just started to come apart.

Zombies? Why on my day off??

Down on his luck Blake decides to pay for a little pick me up at a massage parlor where he  meets a plucky working girl. Friends by circumstance, the pair have to travel through a collapsing world overrun by zombies in their quest to find family and sanctuary.

Is the whole world like this?

But is there really safety anywhere? As they move from city to city the number of zombies keeps increasing. Does anyone have a handle of this crisis so he can finally get back to a normal, civilized life? Is the military in on it? And how do cats fit into all this?

When’s the power coming back? I want to check my email! This is no way to live!

Can Blake find a place untouched by the undead without completely losing his humanity? Or will he be reduced to a life of mistrust, scavenging, and running away?

Buried Instincts: The Zombie Apocalypse is the first part of a series of three books. It starts at the beginning of the apocalypse, following a group of characters who really just want to wait the whole mess out in relative comfort while the government gets things back to normal.