About Me

I’m a former video game designer who got out of the industry because of its largely uncompensated demands on my personal time. Despite lots of drama, late nights, and unreasonable deadlines, I still have fond memories of the talented people I got to build something with as well as feeling very fulfilled by the creative aspects of the work. So, when I was laid off about a year after the housing bubble burst, I decided to try writing the zombie novel that I wanted to read but couldn’t find.

So I wrote it. And while I was writing it I traveled all around the US. Then I travel to a few countries in Europe. I visited the Middle East. I went to several countries in East Asia. I finally finished my first draft and I was super excited. I had some people read it and it sucked. I then jumped right back into it again determined to make it awesome.

Fast forward to now and despite getting sucked back into video games a few times. I now have the beginning of a larger story that I’m very proud to have created. And here I am, bumbling through the creation of a website so that I can try to reach you wonderful readers that I hope to entertain. I am very much out of my element, but that’s been my life since I got out of video games. Bear with me people. 🙂