Happy Lunar New Year!

I finally figured out how to make the blog page work like a blog page. Go me!

The Amazon book upload approval process was much faster than I expected, and Buried Instincts is already available for purchase on Amazon.

My ad campaign starts on February 6, which is supposed to be an auspicious day. Hopefully people will find my book!

There are some superstitions surrounding what you’re not supposed to be doing on New Year’s Day:

Don’t wash your hair

Don’t eat rice porridge

Don’t use knives or scissors

Don’t take a nap

Don’t rush your spouse out of bed

Don’t sew anything

Don’t say negative stuff

Everything listed above are acts which might set a precedent for the year to come. Like taking a nap on the first day of the year means you’ll be lazy for the whole year. Porridge is a food that classically, poor people eat, so eating porridge means a year of poverty.

I’m game to try to obey the rules today. I am launching a novel after all. I could use all the luck I can get. So to that end, when I made my usually breakfast of cereal with fruit cut into it I ran into the knife prohibition immediately. For the banana I peeled it then just pulled it apart with my fingers then dumped it into my bowl. It worked surprisingly well in that I got a good amount of bite sized portions. Thankfully, blueberries are already bite sized. They got washed and dumped in the bowl. The strawberries though I decided to wash them and eat them like dipping bread into soup. It worked ok.

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