Water Damage Repair and Two Dozen Eggs

What a day it’s been.

Every since we bought the place we currently live in there’s been an issue where whenever it rains hard one of the corners of our houses gets all damp. Tried to resolve the issue like 8 years ago, but the hole in the outside wall never got fixed (HoA issue) so we never repaired the wall. And honestly? We there’s been a drought for the period of time during which we’ve been here so it’s been pretty easy to ignore.

Until now.

The past couple of months it’s been raining. REALLY raining. Now we’ve got super blooms and butterflies. Oh, and the drought? It’s over. Yup. That’s how much it rained. And that corner in our home? By the end of February it was looking a lot worse. So we finally decided to get someone out here to fix it. Found someone we liked, they opened up the wall, confirmed where the leak is coming from, tore out all the mold and crap, set a big dehumidifier up. Fast forward to today, the guys have come back to take down our quarantined corner, I go down to let them in and the front door of the building is covered with eggs. I let them in still processing that, go out to look again, our cars which are in their carport to the left of the door are also covered in eggs.

I go into emergency mode and google “how to get egg off car”. A minute later I’m armed with a microfiber towel from Costco and a Daiso spray bottle filled with the last of my vinegar.

3 hours later I think I’ve reached the point where I can take the cars to a car wash. Of course, crap like this happens on the same day we have our lovely contractors rebuilding our corner and the adjacent closet which it turns out also was sucking up the rain water and increased our estimate to repair by half.

Oh, and that hole in the wall outside? Our contractor couldn’t fix it. He’d need approval from the HoA to fix it. He sealed it as best as he could, but he said it’s only 60%. The proper fix involves taking the awning off the wall, replacing the current drywall screw that’s holding that heavy thing there with a real screw meant to hold the load properly, seal the holes up, and then put the awning back on so that it’s actually flush with the wall.

If that happens, the next time it rains I would be sadly massaging my newly repaired corner of my home to feel if it’s getting damp. Instead, I will be on my balcony doing triumphant hip thrusts at the rain.

But for that to happen? Time to go into “get up in everyone’s ass” mode.

I have to wonder if I was the intended target. Which one of you vindictive people out there got upset with the way I drive? (That’s really all I can think of) Or were they upset with someone in the building and our cars were collateral damage? Or did someone buy too many eggs, the load got too heavy and they said, “Well, time to hurl them into a door and onto those cars over there.” We may never know.

And yes, with all this going on I haven’t gotten any work done. It’s really depressing because last night I was plowing along because things were getting good.

But for now? I just want someone to feed me and be nice to me. I swear my hands still smell like deviled eggs.

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