Time is Flying… Somehow

So I hear there’s a lot of bored people out there. I was out for a short walk and I passed by some dude wearing a mask in a silver convertible waiting at a stop sign. There was no cross traffic, but he was just sitting there. A little later and a block away I hear tire squealing. It’s that dude, trying to unsuccessfully do donuts in the street I guess. Too bad he sucks balls.

Being quarantined at home though isn’t boring for me. There’s no end of things to do. Work on the next book has become trickled into any gaps in my schedule. And by schedule, I mean loose list of tasks I hope to accomplish. Exercise, eat breakfast, cook dinner, practice koto, watch the news, look for free video game deals, on and on and on. In between, I try to write and I get more done as the days roll on. I’m on the epilogue, if you’re interested. I’ve had two false starts, but the current attempt is coming off how I want it to. Soon… soon the painful work of self editing will begin.

I continue to play Ring Fit Adventure on a regular basis. I’ve arrived at the conclusion that I’ve unlocked all the best moves and there’s probably not going to be any more. So in order to keep it fresh, I’ve decided to be more picky about the moves I set when going into a particular course. I try not to use the same high DPS move over and over again, instead swapping in less powerful moves just to vary up the exercise some more. My latest armor/gym clothes adds 5% damage to yoga moves, so I’m all about tree, warrior, and boat poses right now with a little side of squats and lunge twists. Still getting my moneys worth for the game!

I’m also determined to finish Dragon Quest 8. I’m playing it on my 3DS and I’ve stubbornly decided to finish it before moving on to something else. I got past the part I was stuck on and then had to grind out some levels to defeat the boss. Then there was rapid progression of the story until I got to the next boss who spanked me. So now I’m in the middle of another grind. The way it works is I leave the DS on, but closed. Anytime I see it I pick it up and beat up a few evil trees. I’ll level my group up eventually.

I’m reading the excellent Condor Heroes right now. It’s finally received a good English translation and the second book came out this month. It’s seriously making me want to watch one of the tv adaptations (There’s at least 4. Heard the recent one is pretty good.) After I finish that, I think I’m moving on to something Sanderson wrote. One of his books is currently on deal.

Try to hang in there people! Cabin fever sucks, but this won’t last forever.

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