Soft Apocalypse – Try Not to Go Out

Well, here we are at the California epicenter of the pandemic. I guess that means we’ve edged out the Bay Area. Waiting in lines to get into the grocery stores are common. I went for an evening walk and other than seeing the Swami guy on a bike that I’ve seen sleeping at 7-Eleven sometimes, I was utterly alone on the streets. It almost felt like being in a post-Apocalyptic world. Except for the cars that drove by every now and then. It’s still LA after all.

Some crazy stuff is happening. Some guy thinks the USS Mercy is not actually here to treat patients and tried to launch a train into the ship by derailing it. He said he needed to draw attention to the situation. I wonder if he tried his plan out in GTA V beforehand?

Then there was the crazy dude who saw an Asian family in a Texas Sam’s Club and decided that he should stab them because they were trying to infect people with the coronavirus. I was getting pissed at the ignorant douchebags who were spitting on Asians just because they’re Chinese ipso facto, they have COVID 19. The nut job who decided to commit murder though is a new level of sick.

I need to stop having the news on all day. It’s eating into way too much of my work time.

I’m going to show off my burnt cheesecake which I made tonight. Er… I mean my Basque Cheesecake. I learned how from the delightful Chef John at

He really is one of my favorite chefs to learn from, and so many of his recipes have made it into my meal rotation.

I’ve also got a short update about playing Ring Fit Adventure. I’ve completed the main story line! I’m still playing it though. They have extra worlds so you can continue to exercise with your high level avatar. Also the game told me I could try change the audio dialogue to another language. So now my sentient ring is speaking in Japanese. I think it’d be awesome if it was screaming and spitting and stuff like in that old movie, Gung Ho. I’m having trouble understanding it though because the dialogue is primarily about body movements and body parts which I didn’t study much of during my Japanese language classes in college. I hope to expand that by working out more.

I’m also playing an awesome game called “Good Job!” You’re the son of the owner of a company. You start on the literal ground level and have a simple task to accomplish in each room until you’re promoted to the next floor. The hilarious part is all the inadvertent (or just plain deliberate) destruction you can’t help but cause. The SO enjoys watching me play and will often berate me for doing something dumb.

I’ve also moved on to Nioh. It’s a hack and slash set in feudal Japan. Samurai, ninjas, and shit. I don’t know if it’s because I’m a crap player, but I die all the freaking time. It took me a couple of days to realize that I should kill a bunch of enemies then head back to the small shrines and use the drops from the enemies to level my stats up. As a result, I am now making more progress.

I’m getting closer to the end of the second book. It’s writing itself. Well, it is whenever I can keep my butt in my chair. Maybe sometime this weekend?

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